Team Training Camp Majorca

The sun shines down as I blast out Otis by Jay Z & Kanye West – probably much to the annoyance of the elderly Germans, who are the main inhabitants of this particular hotel. The hotel is situated in Playa de Palma, just south of the capital Palma and about a ten minute drive from the airport. I have found now that I have gotten into a rhythm. Bike, eat, sleep and repeat.

My nail polish has chipped off and my eyebrows are somewhat untamed however we have conquered many miles! One day we even made the trek up to the famous Sa Calobra in the North of the Island.

         As well as the epic rides we were put through our paces by “The Spanish club run”.
The Spanish club run is somewhat of a legendary group of Spaniards who ride out from Bar Central in El Molinar every Tuesday and Saturday since anyone can remember. This consisted of a slow roll out from the bar until after around 20 minutes when they put the hammer down. “Full gas” they shout.
 It turns in to something equivalent to an e/1/2 mens road race whipping across the road, from gutter to gutter.
         Many of these gentleman are old enough to have grandchildren, and yet they still rode as if they were half the age.
Attacks are going at every moment, the Spaniards enjoying teasing the new competition by dangling off the front. They shout the names of famous ex pros at each other whilst laughing,” ehhh Pantani!” they aren’t out of breath?
I lost the group over the crest of a climb, however this didn’t mean the race to the cafe was over! Smaller Groups formed from the original peleton, and they started riding!
          Niki, one of my team mates is my hero for giving these gents a run for their money – “Your friend has the Full gas!” they inform me when I reach the cafe.
Lets just say I was glad of a coffee when we finally reached where we would split from the club run.
image 3
My eyebrows may get a bit more unruly over the coming week but it’s worth it for the gorgeous weather, training roads and of course my bike!
Maybe one day I will have the full gas!
Until Next Time!
image 2