A day in the life of Keira.

Monday 13th April

As you may or may not know, I am currently off the bike with tonsillitis. (IT’S SHIT)

Day 4 on antibiotics and it’s starting to get to me. I have realised that apart from cycling and singing in the shower, I don’t really DO many other things.


I suppose that you sink into a rhythm of waking up and training. Throw in some stretching, eating and sleep for good measure and that is your day.

It is not that I have aimed for this to happen: in fact before I decided to take cycling more seriously, I did a lot of other interesting things alongside my two-wheeled endeavours.

I studied art and design, and was immersed in it. I would knit a jumper, maybe a hat, or perhaps sew up something new to wear.

PEOPLE OF THE INTERNET. It has come to my attention that I need to schedule in such activities into my life, before I become some sort of cycling robot with the sole topic of conversation being power to weight ratio, and which rider I think is most euro.

I mean I really REALLY like bikes, probably just as much as the next beady eyed spectator of Paris-Roubaix – but maybe too much bike is a bad thing.


I am serious though! I think that you need other things in your life, a hobby or a passion. Maybe you’re really into collecting thimbles?

Margaret – A short story:

Margaret looked at her thimble collection and realised there was more to life than bike races and that there was always another one next week. Margaret also thought that she would train harder and not be afraid of failure. Oh! The enlightenment of the thimbles…”

ANYWAY I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m going to chill out and maybe what I have said is slightly relevant to you. Equally if you have just read this and are now incredibly confused, I don’t blame you.

SO I’m going to bake some cookies and focus on getting better and hey: I will be at a bike race soon!

Keira x