Being 19 year old Keira.

Tomorrow is my 20th Birthday and as it is coming towards the end of the season, I have taken some time to reflect on the past year.

Its been a good one, honest! I have had some brilliant experiences and lots of fun with my current team this year (Giordana Triton) which was topped off with my first ever Ras na Mban. Who knew that all those lovely people I met at the London Bike Show at our team launch would go on to be one of the best teams in the UK?! Thank you to all the sponsors and support team as well as all the riders. I have made friends for life and have had a good laugh along the way!


As well as the odd breakthrough performance and PB I started racing the Red Hook Criteriums. This has led me on a new path with team Why be Normal to be able to travel around the world and race my bike a bit too. Albeit round fast hairpins and tight corners on a fixed gear…


I have ended up in such a privileged position. Two weeks away in Milan I will captain one of the first all British female teams in the Red hook! Its completely crazy and also amazing! I hope that I can continue this adventure next year and beyond with my fabulous fixie team mates; Hayley, Corinne, Jo and Janine.

With all the road and track races done for me this year I am now in the process of deciding my plans for on the road and track next year. Unfortunately I will not be continuing with Giordana Triton but I will be pleased to inform you of my new team for next year…. soon. I am really excited about it! NO SPOILERS HERE!

Every year is completely unexpected and I would have never have imagined this year to turn out as great as it has! It just proves to me that you should take every opportunity that is given to you. So stop picking your nose and go and chase your dreams!

Stay tuned for more adventures!

Thanks again, Keira x