Behind the Scenes with Le Col


Yesterday I jumped in my car and dashed off to the heart of wiltshire.
The only mildly unsatisfying point was the lack of air con however with the bike in the boot I knew the day was only going to look up!
The reason I was heading to wiltshire, land of tractors and old people, was because I had been asked to help out the guys from Le Col for a Photoshoot of their new 2015 products.
There were also a fair amount of sheep…


What is Le Col I hear you ask? Le Col is a cycling clothing brand, known for its race-tested and original garments.


The spring/ summer collection will feature luminous pink for the women and a variety of colours for the men.


The most exciting thing about working with Le Col is they have given me the ¬†opportunity to improve their women’s range by testing it out and about, wether thats riding to Brighton and back or drinking coffee and cake at Richmond Park :)



The day was an all round success! So make sure you keep your eyes peeled for there new range on there website and the next logical step would be to like their Facebook Page to find out what other antics Le Col might be up to next!