That awkward moment when someone is wearing the same clothes as you…

For those of you who were at the London bike show on Saturday you may have stumbled across a somewhat peculiar sight.

8 girls wandering about the place all wearing matching lycra, and most notably all with some purple nike trainers.


This peculiar sight was in fact the shiny new Giordana Triton Womens Race Team, which I am lucky enough to be apart of this year.


The team has grown out of the RST racing team but with some exciting new sponsors…


Here top Photographer Joolze Dymond shows us how its done!

The team had a great time at the London Bike show! Eating all the samples and taking embarrassing photos with topless men I would say were my personal highlights…

Here is to a hard but exciting year ahead! I can’t wait :)

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On Twitter : @GiordanaTriton

On Facebook: Team Giordana Triton


ALSO…Larry at Velo UK did a nice little write up too which you can find here:

Until next time!